QUALITY POLICY OF SKYHIGH GOURMET SKYHIGH GOURMET, is a company born from the experience in the high quality Hotel and Catering sector, founded in 2020 that circumscribes its Quality Management System to all the processes associated to “Elaboration of gourmet dishes and menu settings. Aircraft ground handling services”. The Top Management of SKYHIGH GOURMET, ensures the establishing, implementation and maintenance of a Quality Policy based on the mission, vision, values and strategic direction of the Organisation itself.

Among the essential purposes of the General Management is to ensure a sustained increase in the satisfaction of customers, employees and suppliers. To this end, SKYHIGH GOURMET, directs its efforts to achieve a continuous improvement of the quality of its products and services, guaranteeing at all times their safety, compliance with legal requirements and a general performance tending towards improvement for all its processes and specifications.

From Top Management, the Organisation is understood as a set of interrelated processes, the control of which allows us to measure, ensure and improve efficiency in the activities carried out in the Company.


To satisfy and exceed the demanding commitment acquired with our customers, promoting:

– A quality service to private flights, which fully satisfies the needs and expectations of our customers;

– To provide our customers with the most exclusive products and raw materials together with the highest level of skill and knowledge in the kitchen;

– To provide our customers with the most exclusive products and raw materials together with the highest level of culinary skill and know-how; To offer efficient, careful service and attention, with no mistakes in delivery and meeting our deadlines;

– To direct our decisions from ethical and personal responsibility.


To position SKYHIGH GOURMET as a consolidated reference in the aircraft ground handling service for Malaga Airport and subsequent expansion to other locations in Spain.


The main values on which SKYHIGH GOURMET’s activity is based are:

– Baggage, resulting from the extensive training and excellence in the catering sector;

– Immediate response: Our clients have needs that must be satisfied within hours or days;